NH House Session Recap, Jan. 4; Final Vote Tallies for Governor, Executive Council

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The House was called to order at 10 a.m.

The Joint Convention is called to order. The Joint Convention has been formed for the purpose of canvassing the votes for Governor and the Executive Council.

Introduction of Acting-Governor Chuck Morse

Prayer by House Chaplain, Reverend Kate Atkinson, Rector of St. Paul’s Church in Concord, Pledge led by the member from Winchester, Rep. Henry Parkhurst, Anthem sung by Rep. Mary Griffin

Moment of silence for former House and Senate member, Rep. Andre Martel of Manchester.

Assistant Secretary of State Dave Scanlon announced the final vote tally:

For Governor of New Hampshire

Belknap County

Sununu           18,798

Van Ostern     14,069

Abramson       1,403

Carroll County

Sununu           15,192

Van Ostern     12,503

Abramson       1,126

Cheshire County

Sununu           17,107

Van Ostern     21, 471

Abramson        1,802

Coos County

            Sununu           7,424

Van Ostern     7,006

Abramson         702

Grafton County

            Sununu           19,685

Van Ostern     27, 621

Abramson       2,215

Hillsborough County

Sununu           103,811

Van Ostern     95,231

Abramson       9,128

Merrimack County

            Sununu           37,295

Van Ostern     41,195

Abramson       3,245

Rockingham County

Sununu           94,385

Van Ostern     74,776

Abramson       7,499

Strafford County

Sununu           29,578

Van Ostern     34,173

Abramson       3,128

Sullivan County

Sununu           10,765

Van Ostern     10,244

Abramson         995


            Sununu           354,040

            Van Ostern     337,589

            Abramson         31,243


For Executive Council

District 1

Joe Kenney (r)             72,892

Michael Cryans (d)     65,594

District 2

Andru Volinsky (d)     69,436

Sam Cataldo (r)          61,720

District 3

Russell Prescott (r)     79,319

Beth Roth (d)              65,100

District 4

Chris Pappas(d)          64,497

Joe Kelly Levasseur(r) 59,634

Richard Tomasso (l)   6,534

District 5

Dave Wheeler (r)        73,477

Dan Weeks d)             61,531


The Chair announced that, in consultation with the Senate, a committee will be appointed to review the independent DCYF report for the purpose of making recommendations for the lated introduction of bills.   The committee will also work through the summer months and will make recommendations for legislation in the second year of the biennium. The appointments will be announced within a week.

Amendment House Rule 2 by adding the following:

  1. (a.) When the House is in session, all persons in the House chamber shall be dressed in proper business attire.

The amendment is defeated, Roll Call Vote, 151-213

Amend House Rule 30 to read as:

  1. Committee names and duties. The following standing policy committees shall be appointed at the commencement of any session and will consist of not more than 24 members, with the exception of the House Finance Committee, which will have no more than 26 members:  Children and Family Law; Commerce and Consumer Affairs; Criminal Justice and Public Safety; Education; Election Law; Environment and Agriculture; Executive Departments and Administration; Finance; Fish and Game and Marine Resources; Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs; Judiciary; Labor, Industrial and Rehabilitative Services; Legislative Administration; Municipal and County Government; Public Works and Highways; Resources, Recreation and Development; Rules; Science, Technology and Energy; State-Federal Relations and Veterans Affairs; Transportation; and Ways and Means. The Speaker may designate divisions within committees.

The amendment is defeated, Roll Call vote, 172-196


Amend House Rule 43 by adding the following new section, and re-lettering section d to e:

  1. (d) In the event of inclement weather on a day with a previously noticed meeting, such meeting may be canceled as long as the cancelation is posted on the General Court website in an expeditious manner, and the cancelation is not in contrast to the deadlines specified in Rule 65.

The amendment passes, voice vote.

Amend House Rule 45 by deleting a clause of section b, to read as follows:

  1. (b) No amendment shall be added to any bill, resolution, joint resolution or concurrent resolution which is not germane to the subject matter of the legislative document as referred to the Committee, unless the language of the amendment has already been passed by the House in the current session or the amendment has been the subject of a duly noticed public hearing advertised in the House Calendar or, if scheduled after the calendar deadline, posted in the Clerk’s Office and outside the committee room at least 24 hours prior to the meeting. Copies of the amendment shall be available at the Sergeant-at-Arms office at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled hearing.

The amendment passes, voice vote.

Amend House Rule 49 by adding the following new section and re-lettering sections c-j to d-k:

  1. (c) All scheduling for conference committees shall be made in conjunction with the Clerk of the House and the initial meeting shall be posted with at least 24 hours’ notice in the Clerk’s office and on the General Court website. All other meetings of a conference committee shall be posted with not less than 12 hours’ notice and in the same manner.

The amendment passes, voice vote.

Amend House Rule-65-as proposed by the Rules Committee and as printed in the House Calendar:

The amendment sets the deadlines for the first year session.

The amendment passes, voice vote

Rep. Tim Smith moves the adoption of an Amendment to House Rule 100

This amendment would ensure testimony from the public in committee ahead of testimony by lobbyists.

The amendment was defeated, Roll Call vote, 121-242.

James E. Rivers
Director Of House Communications/Policy
State House, Room 312
107 North Main St.
Concord, NH 03301


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