Hey You, Addict. You Don’t Have To Be Alone in NH This Christmas

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Breaking the Chains is InDepthNH.org’s column about addiction and recovery.

Find clean and sober Christmas parties around New Hampshire below. 

Breaking the Chains

No matter your drug of choice – martinis, meth, marijuana, heroin, hot toddies, pills, beer – or any or all of the above. You don’t have to be alone this Christmas.

No matter if you have found your solution or are still desperately searching for help, then pushing it away when help finds you. You don’t have to be alone this Christmas.

No matter if your family is done with you – at least for now. No matter if you’ve lost your kids – just for now. No matter how far down you have gone, just for now.

You don’t have to be alone this Christmas.

People like us celebrate together with food and fellowship and meetings. They call them alcathons and some, like the one in Manchester that lasts for 24 hours from Christmas Eve through Christmas Day.

You don’t have to be alone this Christmas.

Here’s where to find us, and trust me, we need you.

I don’t want to be alone this Christmas.

Alcoholics Anonymous holds alcathons and dances for Christmas and New Year’s across the state. They are open to family and friends of AA. So does Narcotics Anonymous.

Bring a favorite dish to share or just come and fill a plate. Relax. You don’t have to be alone this Christmas.

Here are a couple of alcathons and a link where you can find one near your town for Christmas and New Year’s gatherings.

There are also 13 towns with Heroin Anonymous groups and meetings. Check out meeting times and places here.

Manchester’s Christmas Alcathon starts at 6 p.m. Christmas Eve Thursday, Dec. 24 and runs through 6 p.m. Christmas Day, Friday Dec. 25 at Saint Raphael’s Church Hall, 40 4th St., (Corner of 3rd and Ferry Streets) Manchester.

That’s 24 hours of A.A. meetings, raffles, fine food, holiday specialties and fellowship regardless of your drug of choice.

(Editor’s note: Nancy West, founder of the New Hampshire Center for Public Interest Journalism and executive editor of InDepthNH.org, edited this story. Merry Christmas everyone. Please don’t be alone this Christmas.)

More information can be found at:

Click for: Alcoholics Anonymous Holiday Events

Alcoholics Anonymous  24-hour hotline: 800-593-3330

Click here for meetings and phone numbers Heroin Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous:  http://nhaa.net/

Narcotics Anonymous http://gsana.org/

Al-Anon:  http://www.nhal-anon.org/

 Narcan delivery guide: http://goo.gl/ma7YCQ


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