Libertarian Max Abramson Buoyed by Polls in Gov.’s Race

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Libertarian Rep. Max Abramson

Subject: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: YouTube ad, 11% in NHPTV student poll

A recent poll of New Hampshire students places Rep. Max Abramson (L) at 11% in the hotly contested New Hampshire governor’s race, with executive councilors Sununu at 49% to Van Ostern at 40%. Over $6.5 million in out of state “dark money” has come in from special interest groups hoping to influence the outcome of the governor’s race.

A recent Suffolk poll of likely voters showed Abramson at 6%, following two other major scientific polls showing the same result.

This is the highest response that Libertarians have had in New Hampshire for a statewide race, but not elsewhere. Carla Howell won 13% of the vote in Massachusetts, while Congressional candidate Thom Simmons is already at 41%, just 4 points behind his entrenched opponent.

“With just four days left before the election, we have volunteers across the Granite State doing sign waves, taking bumper stickers, and going to social media to share the message of getting money, power, and decision making back down to the local level and back to the people.”

A short video ad shared on YouTube and Facebook has been shared on social media.
“Corruption: Gone in 75 Seconds”

Rep. Max Abramson
Libertarian candidate for Governor

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