Mystery Writer Maureen Milliken Wants a ‘Cat on Every Lap’ on the Run-Up to the Election

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Maine Crime Writers

Mystery Writer Maureen Milliken worked as a journalist at the New Hampshire Union Leader for many years. She is pictured as a panelist at a gathering of Maine Crime Writers.

Mystery Writer Maureen Milliken wants to see some sanity, open discussion, honesty, there’s that thing about the cat and more on the run-up to Tuesday’s election and beyond.

MAUREEN MILLIKEN: I’m a former journalist and the second in my Maine and journalism-based Bernie O’Dea mystery series, NO NEWS IS BAD NEWS, was released this summer. Find out more at

No News is Bad News by Maureen Milliken

No News is Bad News by Maureen Milliken

Thank you Maureen for posting your selfie video on what you hope for our country before and after the 2016 presidential election. YOUR voice has been missing in all the noise and clamor from candidates and pundits. From now until Nov. 8 and beyond, will post selfie videos from everyday people (and mystery writers) detailing your best hopes for the country. It’s YOUR country and YOUR nonprofit news website.  Email your short video – or a few paragraphs if you would prefer – to Nancy West, founder of,  at


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