Theresa Dern: Hopes for My Country as the 2016 Presidential Election Nears

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Theresa Dern

“Who Am I: I’m Theresa Dern from Boston. I’m an actress and photographer who knows New Hampshire folks from working on the 48-Hour-Film Project there in the past. I’m proud to be an American, but sad to see the way things are going right now. I’m hoping we can get back to the love we are supposed to represent.”

Thank you Theresa for launching our selfie video series on what we hope for our country on the run-up to the 2016 presidential election. From now until Nov. 8 and beyond, will post your selfie video detailing your hopes for the country. It’s your country and your nonprofit news website.  Email your video or a few paragraphs if you would prefer to Nancy West, founder of,  at



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