Growing from Granite: ‘I now finally feel like an adult’

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David Lovlien Jr. at Great Bay Community College in Portsouth

By David Lovlien Jr.
Growing from Granite

My first week at Great Bay Community College in Portsmouth flew by.

I had looked forward to this week my whole life and the first day came on Aug. 29, 2016.

David Lovlien Jr.

David Lovlien Jr.

I woke up early. First things first, I stopped at the Lee Dunkin’ Donuts to begin my day with a large pumpkin spice iced coffee with three sugars and regular cream.

I arrived at Great Bay 20 minutes before my math class began so I had some time to settle in and take in all the new surroundings. I sat at a table outside of my classroom to drink coffee and Snapchat friends about college life and ask how they were doing at their schools.

I had gone shopping a few days earlier to pick out my new clothes for the fall semester. You know this feeling if you have ever bought a new wardrobe for a job or school. With a dapper haircut, green pants, a white button-down shirt, and some chukka boots, I looked like a plus size model for Ralph Lauren.

I felt good. I felt fresh.

The teacher unlocked the classroom, and I was on my way. The first day was a little awkward because I didn’t know anyone. I remained quiet, said hi to a few people, but never engaged in any meaningful conversation. As the week went on, the awkwardness slowly melted away. Students began to engage more as we established our daily rituals.

We have an awesome little restaurant here called The Green Bean. The food is so good that I’m scared I’m going to turn the freshman 15 into the freshman 50! Luckily, the food is actually very healthy with a wide variety of soups, salads, and sandwiches.

I now finally feel like an adult. I’m on the road – just a few steps in – to the law degree I have always dreamed of.

It’s a new feeling of independence that I have never had before.

I know the next seven years of college and law school will fly by just as quickly as my first week at Great Bay.  I promise myself to make time to savor every minute of it.

David M. Lovlien Jr. is a high honors graduate of Coe-Brown Northwood Academy. He is attending Great Bay Community College in Portsmouth for a degree in liberal arts, starting his path to a law degree. David is an active member on the New Hampshire Legislative Youth Advisory Committee. He writes a regular column, Growing from Granite, for

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