Got News? NHPR’s Laura Knoy Interviews Founder

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Photo posted when celebrated our one-year anniversary.


Nancy West, founder of is celebrating our one-year anniversary Sept. 1 and sharing stories, podcasts and videos about who we are and what we are accomplishing. The Exchange’s Laura Knoy interviewed founder Nancy West and other experts on Tuesday about the state of news in New Hampshire.   

By Roger Wood,

How and where do people get their news in this, the second decade of the new millennium? That was the question debated Tuesday on New Hampshire Public Radio’s “The Exchange.”

The program, hosted by Laura Knoy, featured a number of journalists and experts during the broadcast. One source for news that guests agreed on was Facebook. Online news outlets were seen to be gaining momentum over traditional outlets like TV, radio and newspapers. Host Laura Knoy interviewed Nancy West, who founded is celebrating its one-year anniversary, and renewing its commitment to grow by asking for support from individuals and corporations. More information is available on the website, I’m Roger Wood for

Click here for link to The Exchange program. Laura Knoy’s full program will repeat on Tuesday, Aug. 23,at 8 p.m.


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