A Memoir of Childhood Mayhem and Murder in Manchester

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Monica Drahonovsky

Monica Drahonovsky


Gloria Norris

Monica Reads
By Monica Drahonovsky

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Gloria Norris’s memoir captivates the reader by starting with details from her nine-year-old life in the projects of Manchester, New Hampshire.

Her startling memories detail a life that would bring most people to the brink of despair. Is Jimmy, her father, really a devil in disguise? Is Shirley, her mother, really a victim? Is her half-sister really a witness only? What part does the author play in this memoir? What part does her almost best-friend play? How does Hank Piasecny figure in this fiasco of a child’s life? You will find out when you read Kookooland.

This book is scary and filled with darkness. It is inspiring, full of sadness and intrigue. You will not be able to put this book down. You will hear the tale of two sisters, a mother and a father and a whole lot about Manchester’s soft underbelly of crime and power struggles from the 1960s to today.

How does one man, Hank Piasecny, get away with murdering his ex-wife and her male companion, messing up the lives of his two children and still get on with his own life after doing only a couple of years in New Hampshire State Hospital?

Evil is the backdrop of this memoir. How are Hank, Jimmy, Shirley, Virginia, Gloria, Susan and Terry all connected in this horrible medley of machinations? You must read this deeply personal memoir to find out.

If you live in New Hampshire or anywhere else for that matter, you will find this book intriguing and be awestruck by what happens. The survivors of this book come out looking a little bit like love-lost warriors.  I’d love to say heroes, but there is only one hero in this book — the one who made it to Kookooland.

Read the book – WOW!

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