NH’s Burt Cohen at Philly Convention: ‘Real Fury at DNC Cheating’

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Former state Senator and radio talk show host Burt Cohen, is a committed Bernie Sanders delegate at the convention in Philadelphia.

As of now, it appears that neither party will have complete unity behind their respective Presidential nominees.

Last week, Democrats were cheering the Republicans’ woes, which included a high-profile snub from former primary candidate Ted Cruz and a charge of speech plagiarism.

Now, the Republicans are taking to social media to dump on the Democratic problems, once again centered on emails. While the hacked emails are under investigation by the FBI, the contents reveal a concerted effort by the party to favor Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders, and even ways to derail his campaign.

Roger Wood spoke to former Democratic State Senator Burt Cohen. He is a committed Bernie Sanders delegate and is critical of the way this latest controversy has been handled. He is currently at the Philadelphia Convention Center.

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