FEC Latest Filings: Clinton Outraising Trump By 3 to 1 Margin

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InDepthNH.org is posting Center for Public Integrity stories from the Republican and Democratic conventions, which will be updated daily.

Editor’s note: The Center for Public Integrity’s money-in-politics reporting team is bringing you news from the Republican National Convention — focusing on special-interest influence, big-money politicking and corporate schmoozing. Senior political reporter Dave Levinthal is on the ground in Cleveland. 



11:15 a.m. Thursday, July 21: Some sobering news from the Federal Election Commission as party-goers in Cleveland await the appearance of the star of the show: new fundraising numbers are in for the candidates and for Donald Trump, they do not look good. Hillary Clinton has a huge fundraising advantage. See details on this, plus many more tidbits from last night’s campaign finance filings thanks to Michael Beckel. Go here to check out his latest report.

John Dunbar

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