NH’s Matt Mayberry from Convention: ‘Get Republican Back in White House’

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Matt Mayberry of Dover, vice chairman of the Republican party in New Hampshire.

Roger Wood

Roger Wood

While not all of the New Hampshire delegates to the Republican convention in Cleveland are for presumed nominee Donald Trump, Roger Wood spoke to a Seacoast area man who is strongly in his corner.

Matt Mayberry from Dover has been a committed conservative Republican for a long time. He now serves as an alternate at the convention and is pledged to Trump. Another conservative Republican, former New Hampshire Senator Gordon Humphrey, has taken the opposite stand as far as Trump’s nomination is concerned.

He wants to mount a last-ditch effort to thwart the process. Some 50,000 delegates are at the convention this week with about one-half of the 23 New Hampshire delegates committed to the Republican businessman. InDepthNH.org is supported through donations, grants and corporate sponsors. For InDepthNH.org, I’m Roger Wood.

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