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John Amey's sugarhouse in Pittsburg

NH Site Evaluation Committee meets today, April 12, on Northern Pass from 10:00 AM – 4:30 PM. Hearing on Pending Motions at Loon Mountain
Resort, 60 Loon Mountain Road, Lincoln.

InDepthNH.org will soon launch Talking Northern Pass, a collection of letters-to-the-editor focusing on how the Northern Pass project will affect people, communities and businesses across the state. We invite those who are in favor of the project and those who are against to engage here in civil discourse. Please tell your stories and share photos at talkingnorthernpass@gmail.com. Please follow InDepthNH.org’s guidelines. InDepthNH.org  takes no position on Northern Pass. We will publish your letter and attached photos if they meet our guidelines and you agree to publish your full name and place of residence. — Nancy West, executive editor


 By John Amey

This is my sugarhouse and it has been at this location (in Pittsburg) for about 95 years. It was built new at a location on the farm about a mile and a half closer to our home, but after the maple trees died after the unusual weather event in 1918, it was dis-assembled, hauled over the ridge on horse drawn sleds and re-assembled where it is today.

Looks a little rough by today’s standards, but it is a special place, about a half mile off from a logging road and no services. (Of course, generators work there, but we use Colemans for light.)

Maple producers are very sensitive to Northern Pass intrusions to their maple stands “with towers and wires and roads,” with total disregard. Several maple operations would be impacted in New Hampshire. Mine would not, but as mentioned, I fight for the whole state.

John Amey of Pittsburg, along with his wife, Cindy-Lou, family members and valued employees operate Indian Stream Farm, a fourth generation diversified dairy farm. Writing and thinking are John’s favorite hobbies.

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