2 thoughts on “The Trouble With ‘Laurie’ 20 Years Later

  1. This has been one of the most vexing issues to come before the legislature. It is amazing how, two decades after the Laurie case and a decade after the Heed Memo, the legislature has still not developed and passed a comprehensive law to deal with Brady/Laurie List issues.

  2. About a year ago, I was driving down Chestnut Hill Rd. in Amherst. It is steep and windy. I came around a curve and encountered a police car blocking the right lane. I hit my brakes and swerved to avoid the police car, and saw a police officer walking back from an SUV he had stopped towards his car, carrying her licence and registration. I was going about 15-20 mph at the time. Before I braked I was going 30-35. There is a 30 mph speed limit. He waved me over, and I stopped. When he was through with the other driver, he walked up to my car and handed me a ticket for going 55 mph – which stated that he had clocked me on his radar. I pointed out that he was outside his car when he stopped me and had been talking with the other driver. He said, well contest it in court if you want to, but I will state that I was in my car and observed your speed on my radar. I said, “Well if you do that, it will be perjury!” He shrugged and returned to his car.
    I stopped at the Amherst police station to report this to his supervisor. He kept me waiting about 15 minutes, and I told him my story. He said, are you accusing my officer of perjury, because if you are I will arrest you!
    I was very surprised to find the police in a town like Amherst so corrupt. If they will lie and cover up over a traffic ticket, they will lie about anything!

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